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Doctor’s Commons in London: Microcosm of London (1808)

Below you will find the official course credit requirements to graduate with both a BA and an LLB.  For further information, visit the Faculty of Arts curriculum structure page, or the general BA&LLB curriculum pages.  You can also look at the details of some of the courses you will be able to take on our courses pages.

Each individual course is 6 credits.  As you will see below, sometimes you will be required to take a particular subject to fulfil your BA or LLB requirements, and sometimes you can choose freely from among available electives in literary studies courses, interdisciplinary courses, or law courses offered by HKU.

The Sequence of Study

Students in the program undertake courses each year to a total of 60 credits (each course is 6 credits). The courses are divided between the two degrees as follows:

Year 1
BA2 Literary Studies introductory electives and 1 Arts elective18 credits
LLBLLAW1001 Contract I6 credits
LLAW1002 Contract II6 credits
LLAW1008 The legal system of the Hong Kong SAR6 credits
LLAW1009 Law and society6 credits
LLAW1013 Legal research and writing I6 credits
University RequirementsCommon Core course6 credits
CAES1000 Core University English; or, if exempt, Free Elective6 credits
Year 2
BALALS2001 Introduction to law and literary studies6 credits
Literary Studies electives (x2) (introductory level)12 credits
LLBLLAW1005 Law of tort I6 credits
LLAW1006 Law of tort II6 credits
LLAW2001 Constitutional law6 credits
LLAW2017 Legal research and writing II6 credits
LLAW3093 Administrative law6 credits
University RequirementsCommon Core courses (x2)12 credits
Year 3
BALALS Interdisciplinary elective (3000-level)6 credits
Literary Studies electives (x2) (advanced level)12 credits
LLBLLAW2003 Criminal law I6 credits
LLAW2004 Criminal law II6 credits
LLAW2009 Introduction to Chinese law6 credits
LLAW2013 Land law I6 credits
LLAW2014 Land law II6 credits
University RequirementsCART9001 Practical Chinese for Arts students6 credits
Common Core course6 credits
Year 4
BALALS Interdisciplinary elective (3000-level)
(BA capstone)
6 credits
Literary Studies electives (x2) (advanced level)12 credits
LLB LALS Interdisciplinary elective (3000-level) 6 credits
LLAW2012 Commercial law6 credits
LLAW3001 Introduction to legal theory6 credits
LLAW3010 Business associations6 credits
LLAW3094 Equity and trusts I6 credits
LLAW3095 Equity and trusts II6 credits
LLAW3187 Mooting and dispute resolution
(LLB Capstone)
6 credits
Year 5
LLBLALS Interdisciplinary core course (5000-level) 6 credits
LLAW electives (x3)18 credits
RemainingFree electives (Arts, Law or any other disciplines)36 credits