Students in the BA&LLB programme are able to choose from a wide range of courses: both the required course of study for gaining their LLB, and a large number of literary studies courses in the Faculty of Arts that build their BA.

In addition, courses with the “LALS” or “Law and Literary Studies” subject code are designed specifically for students in the combined programme: these courses bring the worlds of film, art, language, poetry, history and literature together with the study of the law, to create challenging an exciting content that trains students both in sensitive, flexible critical thinking, and in the doctrines and questions of the common law.

Below you will find a selection of featured courses from the current LALS lineup: click on any of these courses for a description of the subject-matter.

LALS2001. Introduction to Law and Literary Studies

Frederick William Davis, ‘Measure for Measure’ V.1, Isabella Appealing to the Duke, 1907.

LALS3001. Law and literature

Fred Barnard, The Trial of Evrémonde (Charles Darnay) in Paris (1896)

LALS3002. Law, meaning, and interpretation

Benjamin Robert Hayden, The Anti-Slavery Society Convention (1840)

LALS3003. Language and the law

United States Reports – Supreme Court of the United States.

LALS3004. Law and film

Still from film Twelve Angry Men (1957)

LALS3005. Legal fictions: United States citizenship and the right to write in America

Howard Chandler Christy, Signing of the Constitution (1940)

LALS3006. Advanced legal theory

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, The School of Athens (1511)

LALS3007. Sovereignty in Law, Theory and Culture

William Hogarth, Marriage à-la-mode: The Marriage Contract (1743)

LALS3009. Language rights and linguistic justice

Lucas van Valckenborch, Tower of Babel (1594)

LALS3010. The Beginnings of English Law and Literature

Henry II Exiles Thomas Beckett.  British Library MS 88.

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