Dr Michael Ng is a legal historian focusing on the legal history of China and Hong Kong in the 19th and 20th centuries. A particular research interest is exploring archival sources to identify the nuances of the interaction between the law and everyday life and to challenge conventional meta-narratives on the role of law in modern Chinese and Hong Kong history. Dr. Ng authored Legal Transplantation in Early 20th Century China – Practicing Law in Republican Beijing (1910s-1930s) (Routledge), and co-edited Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order – Adoption and Adaptation(Cambridge) and Civil Unrest and Governance in Hong Kong – Law and Order from Historical and Cultural Perspectives (Routledge). His works have appeared in leading international refereed journals such as Law and History ReviewChina Quarterly, Law and LiteratureInternational Journal of Asian StudiesBusiness History, and Journal of Comparative Law, among others. He has been appointed as visiting fellow of the University of Cambridge, visiting scholar of the University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore, and visiting Associate Professor of National Taiwan University.

Prior to joining the Faculty of Law, Dr Ng has served in the legal, business and finance sectors for more than 15 years.  As a solicitor, Dr Ng specialized in corporate and commercial practice.  After leaving the private legal practice, he served in a listed multinational corporation as its Chief Investment Officer and Finance Director, focusing on mergers, acquisitions and direct investment transactions in China and Asia.  He also ran a China-focused private equity fund management firm as its Partner and CFO.